Idea development made simple

Use our interactive guided path to build a product story that can’t be ignored

Anyone can be an entrepreneur if they have the tools and path to follow!

Our platform has made product development a repeatable process, with a product story page that is automatically updated as you work on our suite of interactive development canvases.

Interactive canvases

We have a suite of canvases that help define your problem, explore your customer needs, test the commercial feasibility and articulate your solution.

Workbooks not theory

We don’t tell you what to do, we coach you through the process of completing our interactive tools.

Integrated experiment testing

As you complete the canvases, we coach you on how to capture the assumptions you are making and how to run experiments to validate your hypotheses.

Collaborate with colleagues

Invite team members to collaborate remotely on canvases and discuss ways to refine the content.

Auto generated product story

As you complete the interactive canvases, we’ll auto generate a summary product story. It will be the always up-to-date pitch for your product.

Ensure you are on track

Our self-assessment tool and confidence score will act as a check for you on how you are doing against expected outcomes.

Get external feedback

Get honest insights from your mentors by sharing your product story page. You can view feedback and learn where you need to improve to make your project a success.

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