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Make product development a streamlined and repeatable process in your organization

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We aim to solve product development pain points that are common in large organisations.

Inconsistent approach

How a new product is developed is often dependent on who owns the concept. The company defined process is open to interpretation; resulting in teams completing required activities inconsistently and delivering different outputs.

Decision making

When making decisions on what products should be further developed, management can’t be sure each concept has undergone the same level of rigour and find it difficult to compare the competing concepts on a like-for-like basis.

Inefficient workflows

New product development often results in each team manually creating documents, presentations and information based on what they feel is important.

Best practice

People might have great ideas but aren’t experts in modern best practices. The company process is often high-level, bureaucratic and aimed at experienced product teams.

Siloed expertise

It’s not the people developing the new ideas that are failing, it’s the underlying process. Anyone in the organisation should be able to develop a new product idea in a repeatable, interactive and structured manner, with contextual support when needed.

Manual process

All of these bespoke outputs are stored on personal machines and shared over email. Version control and getting access to the latest information is a common frustration.

There is a better way

Our platform lets your teams develop products in an interactive, consistent and guided manner, streamlining organisational decision making and review process.

Give employees interactive tools​

Empower your employees in product innovation by supplying them with a suite of canvases that help them solve the problem, explore the customer needs, test the commercial feasibility and articulate the solution.

Embed a culture of experimentation

Ensure that employees are defining the assumptions they are making and running experiments to validate their hypotheses.

Allow colleagues to collaborate remotely

Eliminate the requirement for face-to-face meetings and workshops to develop ideas. Let teams collaborate digitally on canvases and discuss ways to refine their product concept.

Transform your development processes into a streamlined digital experience

Ensure consistent outputs at each stage

As teams complete the interactive canvases the platform will auto-update the executive summary product story page. Now all projects will report in a consistent manner making for easier decision making.

Streamline gate review scoring

Before gate review meetings, create an objective score based on all expert reviews which can be completed online. You can adapt the review questions to your needs.

View all active projects

Access all products from a single place to track progress and understand how products are developing across your organization. 

Adapt the platform to match your process

Choose what canvases are required to be completed for each of your development phases. Configure each phase gate review scoring criteria and introduce a streamlined digital review process.

Create the canvases required for your org

Build on the existing suite of canvases to define story page content that is bespoke to your organizational requirements.

We help corporate teams of all sizes to develop new product ideas that are more likely to succeed.

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