Make product innovation a repeatable process

A new approach to product development that gives teams the tools to develop new products in an interactive and guided manner while streamlining the organisation decision making process.

Built for companies who know they can develop products in a better way

We aim to solve product development pain points that are common in large organisations.

How a new product is developed is often dependent on who owns the concept. The company defined process is open to interpretation; resulting in teams completing required activities inconsistently and delivering different outputs.

When making decisions on what products should be further developed, management can’t be sure each concept has undergone the same level of rigour and find it difficult to compare the competing concepts on a like-for-like basis.

New product development often results in each team manually creating documents, presentations and information based on what they feel is important.

All of these bespoke outputs are stored on personal machines and shared over email. Version control and getting access to the latest information is a common frustration.

People might have great ideas but aren’t experts in modern best practices. The company process is often high-level, bureaucratic and aimed at experienced product teams.

It’s not the people developing the new ideas that are failing, it’s the underlying process. Anyone in the organisation should be able to develop a new product idea in a repeatable, interactive and structured manner, with contextual support when needed.

When reviewing product concepts at investment gates, the decisioning process is commonly manual, subjective, and opaque.

Review meetings are often just talking shops and lack a disciplined review process. There is often limited records kept for why concepts don’t proceed or records kept for what is expected of products that do proceed.

The Sylon platform addresses these challenges by offering capabilities that support people at every level of an organisation.

Gather ideas from the ground up

Sylon IdeaCapture helps companies involve teams from across the organisation in business ideation, then assess and progress new ideas in a consistent and objective way

Make product development a repeatable process

Sylon Sherpa is a digital toolkit of interactive canvases that help teams collaborate and evolve their idea through a structured development process that auto-generates a live product summary report.


Augment your existing development approach

Sylon Bridge is a single view of all active projects in your organisation. You can configure what canvases teams complete in each of your existing development phases. Configure interactive self-assessment reviews and gate review workflows for each of your phases to ensure teams align to your organisations’ requirements.

Develop new products in a better way.

If you’d like to pilot our product innovation platform within your team, get in touch to arrange a demo.

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