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A Product Audit from Sylon is an outside-in review of your digital product in seven key areas.

A 360 Review

In just 3-4 weeks, Product Audit will provide you with an objective benchmark assessment of your product and business against modern product management best practices.

Risk & Opportunities

Establish a metric to measure how each of your company’s products is currently being developed and if best practices are consistently applied across your organisation.

Actionable Next Steps

Informed by our comprehensive analysis of your input through the audit, our team of experts will provide you with actionable next steps and recommendations.

Sometimes we are so caught up in the urgent – we forget about the important

Product leaders love it!

We know, because we are product people too.

See the big picture

We know the daily demands of reacting to customer issues, competing stakeholders, changing roadmaps, and technical debt can too often take up all your focus. It makes it hard to see the bigger picture.

Understand why

We know what it’s like when your product is not performing as well as you had hoped and you’re not quite sure why. And we know how difficult it is to measure best practice and consistency across a portfolio of products. 

Take a step back

But it is critical to take a step back, assess and have that clarity on the bigger picture for one or all your products.

… and get your Sylon Score

The Sylon Score

We review your product across seven key categories and a total of 285 data points. These are your product’s vital signs. If one isn’t performing well, the entire product won’t reach its potential – or worse, it could fail.

Our assessment establishes an objective and unbiased benchmark of your product management processes and practices giving you clarity on:

Assess the clarity and validity of your value proposition to customers and your understanding of your target segments.
We look at how you have defined and communicated your product brand and positioning in the market.
Review your cost management methodologies to identify opportunities to control product expenses more efficiently
An assessment of how you design and manage the experiences of your users within your product.
Assessment of how you are building, maintaining and supporting your product.

Assessment of whether you are working towards a defined vision and principles.

It’s important to assess your product against wider macro trends that impact the world.

How it works

Our assessment gives clarity of your product management processes over a four week engagement.

Week 1


Nominated client reviewers complete the audit survey and provide supporting materials to Sylon team. Sylon are available for management and support through the process as required by your team

Weeks 2&3


Our team will interview participants to delve into the collated answers, probe on certain categories and clarify any questions arising from analysis of supplied materials. Sylon design team will also complete high level review of UX of product.

Week 4


We collate the results of the audit survey, our research and evaluations, and bring it together into your dedicated Health Check report. The team create recommended actions for each category area and provide summary performance overviews.

Why do it now?

You need to continually improve your product development approaches and be aware of best practices.

It’s important to pause at times and focus on improving important product levers rather than get distracted by urgent day-to-day product activities.

Having an objective external review of performance can combat any internal subjectivity and inform you on what you need to do to improve.

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