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Sylon will partner with you to enable speed, agility and successful outcomes in your product innovation efforts.

We understand the unique challenges of corporate innovation

Validating ideas

Organizations have multiple product ideas and concepts that have not been validated with customers.

Evaluating progress

Product innovations often fail when criteria for evaluating progress are unclear and product pathways are ill-defined.

Removing silos

Internal silos mean that new product concepts don’t get the cross-functional input and insight they need, and so lose traction.

Dedicating funds

New products have difficultly getting funding and dedicated resources – having to compete with existing products.

Slow delivery

Delivery of new products is slow, as a new concept has to adhere to big company rules and a low appetite for risk. 

Good ideas wasted

Unrealistic ROI expectations are placed on nascent products, interesting projects are shutdown when funding challenges appear.

We offer services at all stages of product development

Our team of innovation & product experts will guide your teams through a structured product development framework.


by Sylon

Need to create a product idea to solve a business challenge?

We will execute our problem ideation sprint which will tackle your business problem and generate a tangible value proposition, which is then validated with users.

Engagement Outcomes

Determine Customers

Determine the target customers and the value proposition

Discovery Workshop

Identify and prioritise key assumptions to inform future development

Asset Creation

Produce a consumer facing, high fidelity concept product landing page

Customer Testing

Validate customer desirability of your new product concept


by Sylon

Have a product idea – but are struggling to decide whether to back it or kill it?

With our solution validation sprint we will, in weeks rather than months, turn your product idea into a tangible MVP which is tested across customer desirability, commercial viability & technical feasibility.

Engagement Outcomes

Tested MVP

A tangible and  tested minimal viable product prototype

Feasibility Report

A full technical feasibility analysis of your product 

Customer Desirability

Customer desirability feedback report

Commercial Viability

Identification of potential business model


by Sylon

Want to build out a MVP to launch with real users?

Once an idea has been validated, we can work with you to build a functioning MVP leveraging our suite of common pre-built software components, best-in-class scalable build environments, and our team of engineers and designers.​

Engagement Outcomes

Pilot Build

Accelerated pilot build with Sylon smart service components

Rapid Releases

Rapid releases using Sylon's cloud development environments

User Testing

KPI measurements, customer feedback, technical feasibility validation

Pilot Review

Continued delivery of new capabilities based on agreed roadmap.


by Sylon

Need to scale your new product with agility?

Our unique ‘Build-to-Buy’ corporate innovation model allows you to co-create an independent start-up company outside the development constraints of a large organisation.
If the venture is successful you can acquire the entity, adhering to pre-agreed warranties, at a discount to the fair market value.

Engagement Outcomes

Co-Created Company
Co-Create an independent company free from the constraints of your organization
Scale Concept

Using our shared services, and components efficiently build and support the new company

Launch and Grow

With initial ownership of 20% and an option to buy an extra 60% at 20% of fair market value

How does the 'Build to Buy' corporate innovation model work?


Once a concept has been validated, a new company venture is co-created with the parent corporation, and can then be developed and scaled as a seperate entity. 


The parent corporation owns less than 20% of the new company meaning any losses aren’t rolled into the corporate P&L.


The parent corporation can fund the new company from its balance sheet; some staff can join the new company to bring expertise and gain new career learning; the parent corporation acts as a customer to the new company.


The new company focuses solely on developing the product concept. It takes risks and moves at a speed that a large corporate cannot.


If the new company venture is a failure, it can be wrapped-up with limited impact to the parent corporate brand & P&L.


If the new company venture meets pre-agreed milestones, then the parent corporation can take control of the new company at a significant discount of the current market valuation.

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We have helped some of the world’s biggest corporations, across a variety of industries, to improve their new product innovation approaches and outcomes.

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