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Empower employees to be intrapreneurs in a learn-by-doing approach with Sylon’s innovation competition

Business as usual has never been so engaging!

Disruptive Thinking

Successful companies have a culture of disrupting the norm, challenging the status quo and testing new ideas. 

By setting open business challenges and encouraging a culture of innovation is encouraged to grow.


Enabling employees to be intrapreneurs attracts and retains the best talent.

Employees who feel their ideas are welcome perform better, stay longer,  and are empowered to experiment.

Transformative Processes

A repeatable and transparent approach; consistent, scalable, democratic, innovation becomes part of company culture.

Having a clear, company-wide process to take an idea from ‘what if?’ to a solid business case enables real transformation.

The best ideas come from the ground

Ideate solutions to current business challenges
leveraging front line employees understanding of the problems faced by your customers, and are best positioned to find solutions

Get fresh perspectives from employees across all the different departments in your company

Enable teams to work like start-ups

For many organizsations the real innovation challenge is the lack of a structured process for employees to take initiative to turn their idea into reality. 
We help companies empower their employees to pursue new product ideas in a structured way and encourages collaboration.

Sylon Idea Kit

The Sylon ideaKit guides teams with the most promising ideas through a structured path – taking the best elements of Lean Start-up and Design Thinking techniques to develop their idea into a credible and investable business proposition.

The kit includes exercises for

We’ll provide everything you need for your competition to be a success

Org. wide access

Licenses, hosting and full support for all employees to the innovation platform


Selected teams are allocated ideaKits containing prepaid cards, innovation tools and swag to help them prepare for their product pitch day

Marketing Package

An out of box marketing communications plan with bespoke advertorial video and graphic assets to engage employees and drive participation

Access to Sylon

Sylon innovation consultants and designers will help ensure success at every step.

Change the conversation in your organisation

Benefits of running an innovation competition

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Every organisation is different, so we offer tailored options for any size of business to create a competition that can adapt to your needs!

I’m happy for Sylon to contact me about other product launches and keep me updated on product innovation learnings. 

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We have helped some of the world’s biggest corporations, across a variety of industries, to improve their new product innovation approaches and outcomes.

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