Making product innovation work

Our service offerings, innovation platform and corporate innovation model can transform your company’s product development approaches.

You're in good company

We have helped some of the world’s biggest corporations, across a variety of industries, to improve their new product innovation approaches and outcomes.

Be more successful with your product innovation efforts

New product innovation

We have a set of structured sprints that can support you no matter what stage you are at in the product development journey. From ideation, to validation, to MVP build, through to our unique offering to co-create a start-up entity.

Optimize existing products

We can audit any of your existing digital products across a range of criteria to create an objective benchmark assessment of your product and business against modern product management best practices.

Build an innovation culture

Using our innovation toolkits and our digital platform, we can run an engaging Innovation Competition for your employees. Use the ‘wisdom of the crowd’ through online collaboration and engagement to solve business challenges.

A smarter way to build the right thing

The Sylon platform offers product development support for people at every level of the organisation.

Involve everyone in the company in innovation

Set company wide challenges and gather ideas in an engaging manner – then progress the most promising ideas.

Help teams evolve new ideas into a solid value proposition

Provide teams with an interactive product toolkit that brings process and consistency to the development of new product ideas. It helps product teams to structure their innovations for better outcomes in a ‘learn by doing’ approach.

Establish a repeatable and scalable process

Configure the Sylon platform to integrate it into your existing development process to augment the user experience and deliver a single view of all active projects in your organization. Ensure all ideas go through a consistent process and make it easier to review projects at key development lifecycle milestones.

Be successful in your product innovation efforts

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